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Money Matters Testimony

By Khanyi Mthimunye

Dear Church,

I want to share what God has done in my life through tithing.

Tithing had always been an optional part of Christianity as far as I understood it. After 10 years of walking with The Lord, I had not once tithed faithfully. I thought that God understood that I barely had enough to live on. Yet God continued His faithfulness in my lack of it.

When I came to Lighthouse I was told that tithing was one of the requirements of me becoming a member of the church. I made the decision to be a member and abide by all the requirements.

Tithing was not easy but I closed my eyes every month and tithed. It has been 8 months and I live in sufficiency of my needs. My housing and food is covered by the organization I work for. I was supposed to pay some money every month but they would not subtract it from my salary. I enquiried but they said it’s fine, they know my salary is below market value.

Friends of mine started wanting to be part of my ministry in the inner city. One of the ways they did that was support me financially every month and also come see the productions we put up at the Hilbrow theater.

But the most amazing thing that has happened is the work of restoration in my life. This year I have seen God restore my dream of working with people by sharing hope that is only found in Him. God has restored a relationship that was broken from birth between my father and I. God has restored my financial contentment in Him. I can fully say that I have learned to be content in God whether I am in plenty or in lack.

Blessed be the name of The Lord.

In Him,
Khanyi Mthimunye

Don’t Steal My Joy- by Mary Yiga

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Don’t Steal My Joy- by Mary Yiga

On Friday I was on the way to Balfour Park to say bye to my mum as she was flying to Uganda the next day and I was babysitting the Derkcsen children. I went to the bathrooms before meeting my mum. I started speaking to these two girls in the bathroom . I went to meet my mum at clicks only to realize that my bag had been opened and my iPhone was taken. I prayed right there that my phone being taken would not affect my mood and that I would not be stressed as I really wanted to have fun with Lilly and Willow and it would be so unfair on them if...

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Blankets for Isaiah 58

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Every Friday around noon the churches’ pedestrian gate opens and one by one the day laborers waiting for odd jobs across the road enter and form two lines in front of the veranda. On the wall of the veranda are four pots lined up. Two with rice and two with Beauties’ aromatic stew. Cups filled with juice are placed on either side and sometimes there is even a huge tray stacked with sell-by date bread in the middle between the pots. The servers are ready to serve the men in their colorful aprons and with warm compassionate smiles...

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Jetline Job – by Judah Roux

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I was job searching for 5 months, whilst holding a job as a sales rep, which wasn’t working out for me. I decided I should go back to what I know best , which is IT. So, about a month ago I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to have a re-look at my budget, to see what I could adjust. When I started with TruEnergy as a sales rep, I also started a small business on the side called Techrep, and had created a domain which I was paying off every month. I felt I should either make use of it or stop paying for it. I decided to make use of it. A week...

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A Story of Hope and Glory – by Frank Crisafulli

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A Story of Hope and Glory – by Frank Crisafulli

So it began when I was about 13 and just started high school. All my friends and I thought we were cool and started smoking weed and cigarettes at school. We used to get high everyday, all day, and go to parties and take drugs and drink until we passed out! This carried on for some time and at the end of grade 9, I dropped out of school, intending to do home schooling. I promised my parents I would study but all I really wanted to do was get high and be with my friends. It got to a stage that wherever I was I just needed to be high, at the...

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Total Trust in God – by Candice Setton

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I have been having huge family problems and was living in constant fear and anxiety at what would happen to the boys and I, as there was a chance that we could lose our flat and car. But God is faithful and He gave me the following two scriptures: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. — Deuteronomy 31:6. — Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your...

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Testimony- Tracy Humby

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Life is hectic in Joburg. We all experience little frustrations and challenges on a daily basis and sometimes they can be rather insurmountable, but for the Grace of our Father! Below is a little testimony from Tracy Humby, where God just came through for her in an amazing way. I had to be on the western side of Jhb this morning so i left at five to go first to the gym at Cresta. I was then in the gym for about two hours, first exercising and then doing some reading. Unfortunately, I had left my lights on. So when I came out the car was dead....

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Community- by Lauretta Harrison

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Community When I lived in Durban, one of my now, closest friends, and her three precious children came over every Thursday afternoon. We would make a cup of tea and attempt to have a conversation. I say attempt because with four toddlers running around, demanding attention , crying or just being cute, we very rarely finished our tea, let alone a conversation! We would then bath, feed the kids before and rush off to prayer meeting just before 6pm. Those chaotic Thursday afternoons forged a lasting friendship built on trust, love and honesty....

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Hilary’s Story

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As a church we ran a course to assist people in financial matters, we named it Money Matters. We discussed God’s view on finances as well as practical matters such as getting out of debt, how to keep a record of our income and spending, how to save and invest etc. Below is a little story from Hilary and what she has experienced after attending Money Matters: ‘Last Sunday I decided to put much more than I usually do in the offering. On Monday I went to spend a voucher I had been given for my birthday. The giver had said, “Buy...

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This week my son David had to write an Afrikaans formal assessment,a test (for those of us who grew up in simpler times). On our way home from school on that same day, I asked David how the test went, and this was his reply: ” Mom, it was amazing. I couldn’t understand the comprehension, and I was battling, and then I realized that I never prayed before my test. So I stopped, prayed and asked The Lord to help me, and suddenly it all made sense and I completed it all in no time!” So often, when we as a family are faced with a...

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Welcome to Grace in Life

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Welcome to Grace in Life

The start of a New Year often brings the beginnings of new ideas and resolutions. This year I felt in my heart to start a Lighthouse blog. I am so inspired by all the stories that I hear of God’s goodness in our lives, that I just want to scream it out and tell everybody. I am not a great verbal communicator, I struggle to share stories and often leave out little important parts and afterwards I think to myself “dang, you didn’t say this or that” almost like telling a joke and leaving out the punch line. I think I am much better...

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