Ignite is a one year discipleship program!

Preparing and equipping the new generation through an exciting and practical leadership program. 


Ignite Leadership Academy is the "year of your life"

It's a program where the new generation will be equipped, discipled and envisioned for the next season of their life.


Because it's a program that will change your life for ever!

Ignite will shape you as a leader and a believer.


Our program was born in the heart of Lighthouse To The Nations Church. 


South Africa


It kicks off on Monday, 21 January 2020

Submit your application form now!


What we do

- Apostolic trips

- Life skill

- Leadership skills

- Outreaches

- Adventure

- Serve & support the local churches

Who can apply?

In order to apply for Ignite Leadership Academy you must be between the ages of 17-30.

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All students have 5 weeks of leave in the year.


Students are to take care of their own medical needs. In case of emergency/injury Lighthouse to the Nations Church will not be held responsible.


R500 Registration fee (payable within 30 days of acceptance) + first monthly fee.

Monthly ILA fees R3000 (to be paid by the 1st of each month).


Hosting is provided by the members of the local church Lighthouse To the Nations.


- Family doctors Health Clearance Certificate

- Proof of valid Tetanus inoculation *

- Valid Yellow fever inoculation *

- Character reference letter

- Police clearance letter *

- Passport (Volunteer Permit) * 

Driver’s License (if applicable)

* International applicants:

We love having students from abroad and we are committed to helping make your process of coming to South Africa as stress free as possible.

Students from overseas will need to apply for a Volunteers Visa or a Student Visa, depending on which is more acceptable in your country. (note: visa rules have changed in the year 2015).

You will need to visit your local home affairs or local embassy a letter of invitation from us will be needed, which we will be happy to send once you have completed the online application.

This letter will explain that you will receive no remuneration or income (which is why you will be a volunteer). This letter will also outline how your services will benefit our church (thank you so much!) as well as stating where you will be staying. In addition, we will explain the training modules you will be enrolled in.

Your visa may take up to 8 weeks to processed.


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Ignite Leadership Academy

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