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Amplify Youth logo in white text with arrows forming an "A" and a "Y"

FRIDAYS  18h30

Image by Jeremy Perkins

At Lighthouse, all age groups have a part to play in the life of the church. Our young people are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today. We include young people in all ministries so that they learn to carry spiritual responsibility from a young age. We are raising and developing their gifts and abilities so as to have godly young people and a steady flow of emerging leaders. Our Lighthouse Youth program is geared at developing young people and releasing their potential through fun, friendship and ministry. Amplify Youth is a page out of our church, so that young people are fully integrated into the vision, values and life of the church. 

Image by Sanath Kumar

Meet the leaders

Background - multicultural group of young adults and teens

Amp Youth is led by Jonathan and Teri Perez, along with their dedicated youth leadership team of passionate teens and young adults hungry to make an impact in young lives for the Kingdom!

Multicultural group of young adults and teens
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